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A family was rallying to support a man sent to a Pennsylvania burn center after a massive fire broke out in an Atlantic City apartment building, displacing more
Being the biggest star on the planet doesn't mean you always get the recognition you deserve from the Oscars, as this list of actors proves.
On the colorful coral reefs in the South China Sea, countless fish, crustaceans and marine creatures swim in and out of the delicate structures. With so many animals calling the reef home, it could
SHOREWOOD, Ill. (CBS) – Neighbors in southwest suburban Shorewood believe they were hit by a tornado on Monday night.Some of the heaviest damage was on Canterbury Lane, where there were reports of
They offer benefits to our physical and mental health and that's just two of the best things about owning a dog.
A new study has found a link between certain gut microbes and autism in children. The findings suggest that analyzing the gut microbiome could one day aid in diagnosing autism, potentially making the
ORACLE — The Mountain Vista Junior High School campus in Oracle became the base camp for the roughly 250 responders fighting the Freeman Fire that has burned more than 31,000 acres. As
Travel bloggers say these are the top 10 best coastal road trips in the U.S., so take note for your next big trip.
CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) — The idea came — as the nutty ones often do — over a few drinks in a bar.A South African restaurant served up a 3-meter-long (9.8 feet) sandwich recently in the latest
The Nintendo Switch is the longest-serving Nintendo console, with the company having never left this much time in between releasing one console and the next. The Nintendo Switch is now the company's
Nicolas Cage's ability to immerse himself in villainous roles, such as in "Longlegs", and make them convincing has been recognized throughout his career. Here, check out 7 movies where he brings the bad boy to life. Nicolas Cage (Dream Scenario and Renfield) has portrayed villain roles in several films throughout his career, showcasing his versatility across different genres, but none quite like he has in “Longlegs” with Maika Monroe. The actor...
A Bogota family lost everything when their house was struck by lightning and caught fire on Friday. In the aftermath, neighbors have rallied to help raise thousands of
A big guard dog has gone viral for switching from a loud protective bark to a puppy dog voice upon seeing her grandma. A TikTok video with 445,900 likes and 2.2 million views shows Skye the cane
For the first time, researchers at ETH Zurich have been able to fully explain the various causes of long-term polar motion in the most comprehensive modeling to date, using AI methods. Their model
Honey to heal a wound. Cherries for gout. Cod-liver oil— blech!—to keep your eyes healthy. Your grandmother and her doctors probably swore by these fixes, and now science is catching up with them.
CHICAGO — A social worker and nurse practitioner demonstrated how to administer Narcan nasal spray — a potentially life-saving treatment during an opioid overdose — to a classroom of more than a
A spotted hyena spins for joy in a bubble bath behind the scenes at the Denver Zoo before being joined by two others, a video shows. “Ngozi, Kelele and Tavi always enjoy a cool bubble bath or
Colorado is the only state in the U.S. that's conducting mass screening for celiac disease among children, and it's happening at a research center in Aurora. Doctors at the Barbara Davis Center at CU
We share the best things to do every weekend in The Weekend Scene newsletter – it’s completely free to subscribe! July's heat is reaching a fever pitch but just keep hydrating because the weekend
The sound of an ice cream truck brings back all kinds of nostalgic memories, especially on those endless summer days. One Golden Retriever named Freddie agrees! He's a huge fan of the ice cream man

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